"If i am not creating, I am not alive"....   The son of a watercolorist mother, and a builder father, drawing and creating have been ingrained in Kent from a very early age.   He was barely three when he had to learn how to sign his own name to his drawings, before kindergarten he was asking for tools and fixing things on his own accord.  By eighth grade, with minimal help from his father, he had already remodeled his backyard fort several times, then orchestrated and built a skateboarding half-pipe adjacent to it.  High school brought about architectural design competitions, airbrushing artworks and clothing, bedroom renovations, and converting a portion of the basement into a pseudo apartment.  
Always looking for the next project, how he can improve upon things, or just make something look great, Kent has never really walked the conventional path towards anything.   After high school, though his interest in architecture was great, before completing his undergraduate degree in architecture at Miami University, he took time to work in his father's remodeling business.  This additional real world, hands-on experience expounded on his natural understanding of the built environment, helped him to understand what it takes to bring a project from concept to reality, and shaped his ability to understand design as a tangible object, with real world implications, that can either make it or break it.       
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