Kent Murnen portrait with construction and finish images
about kent murnen
Kent is a multi-faceted, Senior Architectural Designer/Project Coordinator, with a lifetime of self-performed construction endeavors, who’s owned and managed a steadily growing design consulting business for the last 14 years.  Repeatedly, Kent’s concepts have successfully led to the securing of design proposals, while his ability to coordinate, and perform tasks efficiently has allowed for more competitive project fees contributing to an increase in returning client work.  His creative eye, talents, and natural understanding of a project’s complexities are often sought after and have earned him many accolades and recommendations among his peers, clients, and friends.

The son of a water-colorist mother, and a builder father, drawing and creating have been ingrained in Kent from a very early age.   He was barely three when he began drawing and learned to sign his own name just to add it to his drawings / creations.  A little over a year later he was asking his father for tools and fixing small things around the house on his own accord.  By eighth grade he had remodeled, several times over, a backyard fort his father had originally built above their shed, then orchestrated and built a skateboard half-pipe attached to it.  High school brought about more explorations, from learning airbrushing, printmaking, model building, participating in architectural design competitions, and of course more renovations.  before the end of high school he had not only renovated his bedroom, but converting the remaining portions of the basement into a functioning, pseudo apartment. 

Always eager for the next creative endeavor, figuring out how he can improve upon things, or just a simple desire to turn ordinary into amazing, Kent has never really walked the conventional path towards anything.  After high school, Kent took some time working in his father's remodeling business instead of plunging immediately into earning his architectural degree from Miami university.  This additional real world, hands-on experience expounded on his natural understanding of the built environment, helped him to understand what it takes to bring an idea into reality, and shaped his ability to understand design as a tangible object, with real world implications that are essential to any successful endeavor.
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